The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

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Take care of your body, mind and emotions

The Ultimate Self-Care Guide explains how you can take care of your body, mind and emotions. The book reads easily, it contains several exercises and challenges. The e-book is linked to a Take Care of Your Selfie podcast, visualisation and body-scan to understand and implement the information



Experience life instead of fear

I wrote this book especially for you. The one that wants to experience life instead of stress and fear. The one that is looking for her or his unique self. The one that seeks to master their mind and live from trust and confidence

Change your inner dialogue 

I used to live from a place of fear, my daily thoughts started with: “I should…”,

“I have to…”, “But, I am too busy to…”. Sometimes I wish that I had learned the lessons I share in this e-book years ago. On the other side I am very grateful that I have had the privilege of going through some rough times and now having the possibility to share my lessons with you. 

"The exercises and tips enrich the easy-to-read text.  Your personal touch makes it easy to understand and implement."

Linda - Amsterdam


Get your life lessons

We learn a lot at school, we just miss some important life lessons. How should we deal with our thoughts, stress, setbacks, intense emotions, break ups? I dream of one day providing Take Care of Your Selfie classes at schools. Before going to the schools I start by sharing the knowledge I wish I learned much earlier. 

Safe yourself some troubles and start applying the lessons from this e-book.

What will you learn?

  • How to listen to your intuition?

  • How to manage your energy?

  • How to become more aware of your body, mind and emotions?

  • How to change your inner dialogue?

  • How to accept and let go of your emotions?

"I find it really peaceful and helpful, it provided me with a feeling of structure and reassurance when reading it".

Melina - The Hague

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