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Meet The Team

Hi! My Name is Johanna Maria and I am a big nature and outdoor lover. Building a cabin or tree-house is one of my forest fairy dreams of my inner child.

For years I was feeling a deep void with depression and anxiety. Although I achieved so much and was travelling the world experiencing some of the most extraordinary places, I was longing for love, belonging, depth, connections and a purpose. With a burnout everything collapsed - inside and outside. I embarked deep into my self for self-understanding, healing and transformation. The reality is that going deep is terrifying and I was running from facing my own source of suffering. Buried under a lot of conditioning, pain, fear and sadness I reconnected with my inner child. It isn't about becoming, but unveiling of who I am in my essence. Real and raw. Vulnerable and sensitive. Strong and playful. Curious and innocent. Joyful and Love.

Acknowledging where I am in my own process with loving awareness is a daily practice and self-love its foundation. That's where TCOYS crossed my path. A beautiful synchronicity.

I've learned the inner journey is a heroes journey of self-remembering and requires immense courage and bravery. I want to inspire people to live from their heart and to get in touch with their inner child. 



Hi!  My name is Cornee. I am a happy dancer, crazy kids friend, dream lover & I really like to do games with some good people!


My whole life I am trying to be someone else, but I came –happily- till the conclusion that the only person I can be is ME. And because I am so lucky with finding that real self(ie) I like to encourage everybody to look for it too. It is my thing to move something, not only myself but also others. So one of my great passions is dancing, every chance I take a dance, you never see me standing still. Okay, maybe only when I am in my meditation or yoga, everybody needs some silence now and than I believe.


For years I struggled with a very complex monkey mind, you could imagine it as a big black gorilla that never sleeps. That gorilla tried to eat all of my happy thoughts for a long time, only because I hadn’t learn to take care of myself. As a kid I believed that I was here to make other people happy and I was really good at it! But there is a moment that you get frustrated and unhappy of that, there my deep depression started. I had to fight that monkey real hard, and I did! After a very long time I can finally thank that monkey for being there to find out who I really am.


Now I am that smiling monkey you see jumping from tree to tree, always looking for new experiences to challenge myself. I learned to take good care of myself, with lots of helpful tools and tricks. I joined the TCOYS team to share my happy wisdom, I hope to inspire others to follow their own heart (not their mind). Others like you!


Never stop dancing with your selfie!




Jazzy van Wersch


Hi My name is Jazzy, my four sisters (and of course my mom and dad), chocolate, peanut butter and cappuccino's are the loves of my life. 


As long as I can remember, dancing is my way of self-expression. When I am out of words, I dance. It is an universal language, which connects and unites. We all have two legs made to move, so you can dance and communicate to people in that way. 


I am a kids dance teacher, I love the pure connection with children. Because of my work, I remember how important it is to feel and allow your raw emotions. The kids give me energy and teach me to be curious and wonder about the world. They show that every day starts like a new party full of surprises. 

I invite you to connect with your inner child and to be amazed of the world every single day. Get to know yourself and your body through dance and embrace and embody your emotions. Smile, celebrate and dance through life! 



Saartje Nibbering


Hi! My name is Saartje, I'm a plant-powered fairy-believer who loves the sea and is a little too often lost in her dreams.​

I think I can describe myself as someone who is very open-minded. I always tell people they can tell me everything and I will never raise an eyebrow. For me being open-minded is much more than only social related, it plays a bigger role in staying curious and in being a student to everything around me. In my opinion humans will never reach true knowledge about something, and by knowing that I think our ego will slowly minimize (less ego is more space for love). I think I love being a student of nature the most, when I truly connect with it, it teaches me the most beautiful things I have ever learned like serenity, love, peace and bliss...​

It may sound cliché but I believe in sharing is caring. That's why I love being part of TCOYS, to share thoughts and to connect with beautiful people. I hope to encourage people to open their hearts and allowing themselves to have trust. Wonderful things are waiting for you to discover.​

I hope my words may inspire you.​



Nina van de Vinne


Hi! My name is Nina. I am a proud dog mom, Spanish music enthusiast and I love broccoli. 

I believe even the smallest step can lead to something great. You don't need to be a world leader to make an impact on your own world. As someone who has been battling burn-out for years, I have seen the importance of sharing our experiences with each other. Talking and writing about difficult topics makes them more accessible. This is exactly why I joined TCOYS! By reaching out to people who are experiencing the same as I have - and so many others with me - hopefully seeking help will feel less shameful, strange or confrontational. 

Don't forget to take care of your selfie today.



anouk schaap


Hi! My name is Anouk. I am a dance enthusiast, food lover and dog momma of Bobby. 

I founded Take Care of Your Selfie at the beginning of 2019 because I experienced what the power of good self-care means. The platform is here to inspire and stimulate you to take good care of yourself because it is often forgotten whilst so important. Self-care to me means to live and create from a place of overflow. An overflow of love, power and confidence. 

Self-care is not selfish, it’s caring for yourself and others!

I know the pain, the struggles and the stress of being a millennial living in a lively city. I overcame a burn-out and finally do the things that make me happy. The best thing of all: by making sure I am happy, I inspire people around me to do the same and make them happy too. I love to connect with people, to connect people with one another, storytelling and motivate and inspire others.



Johanna Maria Stumpf

social media expert

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