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personal growth at your office

Take Care of Your Selfie (TCOYS) is the movement that informs, inspires and activates to take good care of yourself.



 We take better care of others than we take care of ourselves. We aim sky high which leads to self rejection because it is never (good) enough. Taking good care of ourselves starts with thinking and choosing consciously. Creating consciousness about why self-care is important and how to do that will lead to healthy life-styles with less burn-outs and depressions. Self-care is done on three areas: Mind, Body and Soul. In order to make new and real connections (and improve team performance).

We’ll guide your company through this process with our programs on four different levels. 

level 1

Let's talk about stress, baby! 

An interactive and fun four week program for your employees where they learn all they need to know about stress and how to prevent it.

Intensive course

An eight week program to become more conscious, manage your energy, control release and to connect with your team and improve team performance.


Stress course

A two week program for and with your management. Learn about stress and get tools to prevent stress within your company. 

Work and life in harmony

Trainees are one of your biggest asset, invest in this four week program to keep them healthy and (mentally) fit.  

level 2


Get online or in-house mentoring from Anouk. Give your employees personal support and unlock management or HR.

Online membership

Get you employees an online membership to learn all about personal growth, provide them tools and giving access to a community of people willing to grow, share and help.

1-on-1 coaching

Choose the perfect coach from our professional and diverse pool of coaches.

level 3


Get your company a Chief Happiness Officer: improve happiness at the office and prevent (mental) sick leave.


"During MCI Health Month, Anouk facilitated a session with regards to a healthier way of working and managing stress. Her presentation resonated to many employees and they left the session wanted more. The added value of her story for MCI employees was the way it is being told, personal but with a corporate touch. I would definitely recommend working together with Anouk on a mindful program within your company."