Why you should listen to your intuition (and how to do that)

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How many examples do you have that your intuition told you something and it appeared afterwards it was totally right? You probably have lots of examples, the reason you know that your intuition (or gut feeling) is always right. Your body is the adviser of your mind, and your mind should be able to listen to the body. Nonetheless listening to your mind is easier and you probably think your mind knows better.

Most thoughts are focused on something else than yourself. For example telling yourself you have to work an extra day to get better results, telling yourself you have to take the job because it pays better, telling yourself you have to meet up with this friend because he or she needs your support etc. These thoughts won’t contribute to your individual happiness, your intuition on the other hand will. Start listening to your intuition, it can be one of the greatest tools to find inner peace and flow in your life.

How to become more aware of your intuition in three steps?

1. Enjoy silence

A lot of people are guilty for dodging silence by listening to music, other people or television. The modern world makes it almost too easy to not be silent. But did you know silence can do wonders if you want to hear your intuition? You may be noticing your own thoughts first when silence surrounds you. When you take away the distractions and you let yourself sit in silence it is easier to notice what keeps on bothering you and to feel what you truly need. It can be confronting and therefor very helpful.

Inspiration from blogger Saartje: I used to call my moment of silence my ‘piekermomentje’ which is Dutch for a moment to worry. I used to sit in silence and observe my thoughts and feelings for 15 minutes. It did wonders in understanding my patterns, obstacles and worries. By doing this I started to notice what bothered me. After I noticed and understood my worries it was easier to act upon it. I suddenly started to see what I had to do to solve something (this could be an action or simply accept whatever was bothering me because I wasn’t able to change it). Eventually these fifteen minutes turned from listening to my thoughts into meditation, to focus on me behind my thoughts.

2. Focus meditation

Focus meditation is where you calm your mind by bringing your focus on one thing. You can focus on a sound, an object, a mantra* or your body. By focused meditation you increase your consciousness. When you are more conscious and connected to your body you are able to recognize your intuition more easily.

As with every meditation, the more you practice the better you get. Of course there are no obligations but we encourage you to try it five minutes every a day. Eventually you will notice the ability to effectively be more in your body then in your mind. You feel your intuition growing by getting more in tune with yourself.

3. Keep a dairy

Writing about your feelings, thoughts and experiences can be a great way to get in touch with what you need. You may be holding onto patterns which hold you back or have a negative influence on your mood. Writing will give you lots of insights into your current patterns. If you are aware of your patterns, you can start to make a change!

You don’t have to write an essay every day, ask yourself questions like: “How am I feeling today?” and “What do I need today?”. Answer these questions in a few words. You will get more in touch with your needs and feelings. For example if you keep on writing every day that you feel unmotivated and you keep on thinking about that dream job… there may be something your gut is trying to tell you. Notice the feeling, listen to it and act upon it! Your intuition will be proud.

Good luck!

*A motivating or calming saying you keep on repeating in your head or speaking out loud

This blog is written by Saartje Nibbering.

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