Survival is done to survive, self-care is done to expand: a talk with Laura Hof

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Laura is responsible for Media and Business to Business events at Innerfire and a Wim Hof Method Instructor. We believe Laura is a true inspiration, authentic and a force of energy. A true honor to have this interview with her, read along and get inspired by this power woman.

Laura Hof about self-care

Laura, was there a specific moment in your life when you felt self-care is very important?

"There have been major moments in my life when I felt that self-care is very important. However, these are often the moments when self-care is the least of your priorities. To me proper self-care are those daily practices to nurture and take care of yourself. It is to strengthen the practice of self-care with each minor irritation or obstacle at work or in your private life."

"Some daily instances during the day where I feel that emotional self-care is very important are:

  • When you are irritated by the way a colleague talks to you

  • When you are under stress due to a deadline at work

  • When your significant other is being rude to you"

"Proper self-care is a way to strengthen the appreciation you feel for yourself, which will be reflected in your encounters with others. It is based on the relationship with yourself you are forming and nurturing constantly, not only when ‘the shit hits the fan’."

This means that whenever you feel (dis-)balance in yourself, you can view it as an exercise to practice self-care. It is tuning in to these emotions and really understanding where they come from. This enables you to choose your reactions. Most of the time your state has little to do with the external, but has everything to do with the internal world you are living in."

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?

"To me, one of the ways to take care of myself is by making sure my 'emotional home' or internal world is as tidy and cleaned up as it can be at that particular time, before I leave the house. That I understand my emotional state in that particular day, perhaps affected by what happened the day before, or during my dreams, enabling me to 'carry' and guide myself better throughout the day. For me, to have a more balanced sense of self, where there is more space between the stimuli of your daily interactions and your reactions, in which you can choose how to respond, is where this self-care and discipline is nurtured and trained."

What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

"One of the ways I practice emotional self-care, is to do daily 'check-ups'. Each morning when I wake up I have my morning routine and I have a check-up of my emotional state straight after making my bed. I tune in to myself to see what it is that I am feeling, what I am needing."

"Based on my check-up, where I am as truthful as possible towards myself and let emotions come if they need be, I directly think about ways to nurture these. Sometimes, all I need is some understanding or some encouraging words, and the emotions can be released. Other times I need some advice, which I will give to myself and put into practice by writing it down on a piece of paper (where I have my to-do's for the week!)."

"Some of the things I practice each morning for my emotional well-being are:

Meditation and deep diaphragm breathing: these I alternate, but it enables me to calm my mind, to 'clean' the clutter in my mind and to begin the day refreshed and balanced.

Honoring myself: I light a candle, light some incense and salute the yin and yang side in me (the warming and nurturing mother, and as I call it: "Bruce Lee's fist")."

"Affirmations: I take my pray beads and sit in lotus position, and prime myself by doing some positive affirmations, speaking out loud, by going from bead to bead, until I have closed the circle."

"Gratitude Journal: I write three things I am grateful for each morning".

"Doing one or more of these simple techniques will make sure you approach the day with a much more 'stable' mind."

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

"The most important tip I can give is to have at least one hour of me-time each day, before the day begins. In this hour, try to tune in and make sure you set yourself up for a beautiful day. This makes a lot of difference. The way you want to fill this hour is up to you, although I would advise at least to do some form of meditation."

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