"Start peeling off all the layers you have built from a small age"

I met Nancy during a Business Course, we both had the dream to start our own companies. So we both did! She told me I reminded her of a friend of hers, which appeared to be my little sister! No such thing as coincidence. We shared beautiful moments together, visit events we both like and help each other out whenever needed. I love her calming energy, her huge heart and her strength to dive deep in the path of self-care.

Foto: Mathilde Maria

Nancy, was there a specific moment in your life when you felt self-care is very important?

“I had a depression a few years ago and I came face to face with the fact I did not love myself enough. That was also the moment I decided to take better care of myself and start loving myself.”

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?

“For me it means listening to yourself. It is not just taking care of your body by eating well and to exercise, it is also being true to your feelings. If you feel like crying, do you cry? If you feel like laughing, do you laugh? If you feel like leaving a party even though you just got there 10 minutes ago, do you leave? In all those scenario's you have a choice to be true to yourself and your feelings - and thus taking care of yourself. You often see sentences like "self-love [or self-care] is more than just a hot bath and some chocolate", I totally agree with this. I think taking care of yourself has very little to do with things outside yourself and everything with being true and honest to yourself.”

“My ultimate form of self-care is to try to peel off all the layers that I have built up in the past 30 so years. All the beliefs and blockages out of the window, so I can shine and be my truest self!”

What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

“I step back and listen. That is also why I love yoga so much. By authentically practicing yoga you become aware of your body and what you feel. Your body gives a lot of hints on what you need, but we often don't even feel it or don't know how to listen. So I step back, I listen and then I do whatever is needed. Sometimes it's hiding from the world and crying, sometimes it's dancing, meditation, talk to someone whom I know can help me and so on.”

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

“Start peeling off all the layers you have built from a small age. All those protection mechanisms and masks, shed them! That is the ultimate self-care!”

“Oh and do not mistake self-care for being egoistic. I hear that a lot and it's such a shame!”

Nancy is the owner and founder of KRAKTI., specialised in yoga and corporate breathing sessions. Besides she works as project manager in the construction sector.

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