Self-care is about compassion and discipline: a talk with Anthony Tevreden

Bijgewerkt: 17 jun 2020

Anthony Tevreden is a hairdresser and owner of the salon Blue Steel in Amsterdam. We are so happy that he wants to take us along in his vision about self-care and especially what he does to take good care of himself.

Was there a specific moment in your life when you felt self-care is very important?

"That happened when I stopped working at a place that still means a lot to me. I hurt some people and I realized that was because I was probably hurting myself too. I think if the relationship with yourself isn’t good, other relationships cant be good either. My relationship ended at the same time, so I was home alone. During this period I started my journey inwards. I did this with help from my friends and also professionals. I had a lot to process. It took some time to honestly answer questions like: “Why did I hurt other people?” and also “Why did I hurt myself?”.

"After a year I decided to start my own company and that was another interesting journey where you get to know yourself pretty good."

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?

"It means to have compassion towards myself in combination with some healthy discipline, so I work out frequently. I experienced that because of this my body started to ask more and more healthy and clean food. Eating vegan is the healthiest way in my opinion and veganism is all about compassion!"

"Taking care of myself also means to take care of other people. It brings me joy when I see another person spark. I do this through my work but I also want to do this outside of the salon."

"It also means to surround myself with inspiring people with an interesting view on life and the world. People who ask me questions that make me think and grow. I believe it’s important to keep the right people in your life. Like life, friendships flows as well. People come and they go. If you grow, you may start attracting other people. That also means that some people can’t stay in your life. When you’re compassionate towards yourself it can mean to end some friendships."

What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

"I plan on doing something that brings me joy. I go out for an exercise to get it out of my body or I call a friend that I like to talk to, someone who is able to give me some direction.

My last name Tevreden means satisfied in English. It reminds me to see the positive in everything, also something that could be labeled as negative. I think this already helps a lot in moments that I might need more self-care."

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

"Reach out! It’s very easy to turn inwards and stay alone, being in your own bubble. It’s sometimes much needed but you can also stay in these emotions. So my advice is to create a tribe of amazing people who you can call when you feel down or need another perspective than staying in your own spiral of thoughts."

"If it’s hard for you to take care of yourself, become more aware how you take care of others. Or learn how to care by taking care of plants for example. Plants are a beautiful mirror for humans."

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Anthony Tevreden is a hairdresser and owner of Blue Steel in Amsterdam.

Go see him if you want a great haircut!

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