Self-Care Guide Amsterdam

Every month we inspire you with different self-care activities, selected by the Take Care of Your Selfie team. In this guide you read our tips for February.

Multiple dates: Dance classes Sabrine Ewies

That we love dancing is clear, that it is good for your mind, body and soul too. So let’s get dancing. Sabrine became recently a team member of TCOYS, together we will launch a new self-care program (stay tuned!).

She teaches afro-beats and house at several schools in Amsterdam and Zaandam. Check out her Instagram for dancing courses and workshops!

6 February: Movie: Marley75: Marley at Melkweg

His voice is amazing, his lyrics are inspiring and the beats will take you to Jamaica. The legendary King of Reggae, Bob Marley, would have turned 75 on this day, reason for a Reggae night. Start your night with the documentary and finish off dancing.

The film will be offered with English subtitles! Get your tickets for the documentary!

6 February: Marley75 - Rootsriders and friends at Melkweg

His birthday must be celebrated! The coverband of Bob Marley will perform with friends at Melkweg. We have seen this band more often, it is absolutely stunning how the lead singer sounds like Bob himself. Get your reggae vibes and dance with us! Get your tickets!

18, 19, 20 February: Three day meditation course

We are a great fan of meditating and all of the benefits. Join this 3-day course and discover how the effortless technique allows absolutely anybody to experience the benefits of regular meditation practice.

Sessions are from 19:00 – 21:00 in Amsterdam West (exact location after signing up).

To be able to attend the 3-day course you need to join the Intro talk 10th February. Sign up here for the introduction!

10 feb: Stress & Burnout Series - Coping & Coping Strategies

Are you suffering from stress or a burn-out? This programme is for you!

This part of the programme is all about how we cope with our stressors and how to put the brakes on our stress response. Knowing how we generally cope is a good start to improving our coping skills and recognising our defence mechanisms.

1. What is coping? How do you cope? What is your coping style?

2. What’s the difference between coping strategies and defence mechanisms?

3. This will lead us to the different ways of coping, personality, characteristics and how important social support is.

Handy, quick and efficient stress relief techniques will be introduced throughout all of the Mind Synergy workshops.

Get your tickets here!

16 feb: Ancient Peruvian Ceremony

Imagine yourself being able to play sacred Whistles which were created thousands of years ago by real Inka and Pre-Inka Healers. Imagine yourself becoming an animal of power with the ability to heal yourself and let go of your traumas, pains, fears and illnesses. We are very curious to this one day workshop!

Price: 108 EUR

Limited space available, send a message to Mahara Holistic Lifestyle to reserve your spot.

More info about the event .

22 feb: Mindvalley 'Be Extraordinary' Seminar is coming back to Amsterdam!

Join a community of experts, visionaries and learners ready to help you unleash your full potential. Mindvalley's be extraordinary seminar have finally made it to your Amsterdam!

This seminar is based on the core ideas from the book "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind" by Vishen Lakhiani.Hosted in different cities around the world, with each seminar you will experience a life-changing and empowering learning environment. Every seminar will equip you with the knowledge, inspiration, support, strategy, and accountability you need to succeed.

You’ll make deep and lasting connections with like-minded souls in your own city.

Get your early bird ticket (199,28 EUR) here.

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