"Make sleep your biggest priority"

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Lisanne is team lead at a.o. Bedrock Magazine (Mediahuis Nederland), that's als how we met. Lisanne is an amazing woman, talking with her lights up your day, whether your day is already good or bad! She is an amazing creator, writer and podcast host. Besides, she is as tall as me so this makes me like her even more (all tall ladies know what I mean). Get inspired by the beauty and the brain: Lisanne.

Lisanne, was there a specific moment in your life when you felt self-care is very important?

“I started to work at a very young age, the transition from school to work was quite intense. I was working full-time and keeping up with my social life. I had busy workweeks, but also a full planning during the weekend. This ended up in not really being there with the friend I was seeing, because my next appointment was waiting and I was already thinking how to get to there. I started to feel less excitement in seeing my friends. When spending time at my parent’s place I was so tired, I literally came there to recharge. My mom started questioning it too. From then on I realized I had to make different choices.”

"I recently decided to only plan one social thing a day, also during weekends. And I make sure I have one night per week where I plan to do nothing."

What does taking care of yourself means to you?

“I recently went on a retreat and this was so amazing! Everything was arranged by the organization which made me remember how good it feels to do nothing at all. I realized how important this actually is to me: taking breaks and rest. Doing nothing became an important part of my routine. I rest when I am tired but also when I am not, just because I know how much my mind and body needs it.”

“For me, resting means being all by myself and doing whatever I feel like. It can be really basic, like watching vlogs or a movie, baking banana bread or treat myself with a mask. But the most important thing for me is sleep. Being in bed and sleep is the ultimate way to rest. I became very conscious about what it does to me as a person.”

What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

“I am going to bed early! I might read a book, do a meditation or a yoga Nidra session and close my eyes early. Sleep is my ultimate medicine. During ‘off’ days I also make sure to eat healthy, I might crave something else but I know how much impact healthy food has on my mood. So lots of veggies and fruit.”

“Also I have a very positive mindset and see the good in everything. So when I feel bad I know there is something I need to do about it. Most of the times it means I need to rest, so I do.”

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

“I have three!

  1. Of course on number one: Make sleep your biggest priority

  2. Don’t drive yourself crazy with FOMO, put away that phone!

  3. Plan time in your agenda for yourself or spontaneous ideas"

Lisanne is team lead at a.o. Bedrock Magazine (Mediahuis Nederland) and soon moving from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

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