Self-care is a merge of structure and spontaneity: a talk with Liseth van der Lee

Bijgewerkt: 11 jun 2020

During an event of Seasandstories, I met Liseth van der Lee, founder and owner of vintage label Serendipity Vintage Dreamer. She is power and serenity at the same time, like yin and yang. Wondering where this comes from? She took the time to answer our questions, especially for the Take Care of Your Selfie readers. We hope you love her words as much as we do.

Was there a specific moment in your life when you felt self-care is very important?

I used to work very hard, go to the gym at night and festivals in the weekend. I never really listened to my body, I just kept on going. Then, when I was 25 I got a hernia. I was hardly able to walk: a sign from my body to take a step back. To recover I choose acupressure, to treat the cause instead of the outcome. It took quite some time to recover. The biggest lesson I got out of this time comes from the acupressure practitioner, who taught me to slow down.

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?

Taking care of myself is about not having any I have to’s, it’s about making choices. I choose to spend time with special friends and my sisters to have the most beautiful conversations. It’s a merge of structure and spontaneity. Structure to reach my goals and spontaneity and good energy when it concerns people. I really find it important to surround myself, personally and professionally, with people with shared values and beautiful stories.

It’s also about choosing a job that is close to me and my personal values, something I truly believe in. I decided to start my own business last year, something which is close to my heart and my values. In entrepreneurship it is all about finding balance. It’s about being able to give 140 percent and at the same time knowing when to take a step back to rest and recover.

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What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

I turn inwards by practicing yoga or meditation to feel what I need at that moment. I adjust my agenda to what I need and talk about it with my loved ones. I also share why I reschedule a meeting if that’s what I need in that moment. I believe it's important to show vulnerability and honesty.

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

Check out of everything that you created, in order to turn inwards. Feel what you need, feel what’s important to you and what the life is you want to create. Turn towards silence, spend time alone, zoom out to observe what the choices you made and what life you created so you can see what you need to change.

Bonus question: what is your TCOYS tip during Covid-19?

Since the Corona outbreak in the Netherlands, I decided to start every single day with some fineness. Depending on what I need that day: a work-out, a walk in the park or I take my mat to do some exercises. This gives me peace and space from which I benefit all day long.

Liseth started Serendipity Vintage Dreamer from a desire to wear modern curated clothing without harming people or the planet. After traveling around the world, the urge for a drastic change was stronger than ever.

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