33 inspirational self-care cards worth making time for

Bijgewerkt: 5 nov 2020

I got sent the self-care cards from De Handcoach to write a personal experience. I noticed I was running around being busy with work and study, so some self-care in my routine couldn’t do wrong. So I set myself the intention to pick one card randomly for seven days straight. I started with making time in my schedule each day to incorporate the self-care activity on the cards. As been spoken by the front: My self-care is worth making time for, so that’s what I did!

Day 1: I connect with my inner guide

Activity: Experience the calming effect of water

On the first day I picked a card about inner guidance. Water has always been a special element for me. It brings me back to the idea everything comes and goes just like the waves. So I went to wire bridges in a nature reserve (I was at my grandmothers’ in France at this time). In the middle of the bridge I took a moment to close my eyes and listen to the troubled water around me. Breathing in the fresh air of spring water and the forest. I promise you just a few seconds of this will have the most calming effect.

Day 2: I fill my mind with nourishing thoughts

Activity: Pick up a book or magazine

I have to read a lot for my study, which sometimes leaves me with no time (or no excitement) to read anything else. Today’s activity made me pick up a book I started a few months ago. Giving yourself time to read anything you find interesting can give you new insights and by that, inspiration. Sometimes reading a book can bring me out of my work and study environment which helps me to clear my head and create space for new knowledge within my study.

Day 3: Being grounded brings me peace

Activity: Surround yourself with nature

Today’s card felt like it was meant to be my pick today. Naturally I find escape in nature when things get to overwhelming. It was one of the reasons why I went to my grandmother for a few days. So once again, together with my grandmother, we went for a long, brisk walk in the mountains of France. I experience seeking quietness in nature’s sounds as one of the most most grounding things ever. I think today’s activity was my favourite self-care task from the cards.

Day 4: I am worthy of all things wonderful

Activity: Buy yourself some flowers

When was the last time you bought yourself some flowers? My house is stuffed with plants but I never bought any flowers as a gift for myself. After arriving back in Amsterdam I went to the florist and bought my favourite autumn flowers baby’s breath (gypsophila). Giving them a nice spot in my room gave me directly a mood booster and feeling of calmness.

Day 5: I follow my intuition and use it as my guide

Activity: Slow down with a yoga session

When I picked this card in the morning I directly booked a yoga class for in the evening. I (my head) wasn’t looking forward to it. Whenever I have a long day (which it was), I prefer to go for a run or HIIT class to turn the stress into outcoming energy (even though I know high intensity exercises produces even more stress for the body). But starting the class, it immediately felt like something I was seeking for quite a long time. Even though having a certificate as yoga teacher, I still have periods where I am barely doing any yoga. The calm and blissful feeling afterwards will always remain. This class reminded me of why I started yoga in the first place: To follow my heart more often than my head.

Day 6: I let today’s discoveries resonate

Activity: Listen to your favourite music

On the 6th day I had to listen to my favourite music. I am listening to music most of the time but in terms of self-care I shut down every electronic devices around me, lit some candles and took a seat on my meditation cushion. I listened to some instrumental music and tried to focus on and simultaneously get lost in the tunes. Letting myself resonate with the music and by that having a little break from the day.

♪ Naturaleza (Mose Edit) – Danit

♪ Mona Ki Ngi Xica – Bonga

♪ Liberation - Harold van Lennep

Day 7: I am open to new experiences

Activity: Expand your cultural horizons.

The final day of my 7-day experiment! I actually picked today’s card on the first day, where I booked my ticket for a documentary on the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, to go on the 7th day. Culture has always played a special role in my life. Whenever I go to a dance, movie, museum, I feel my heart getting filled with beautiful art, it honestly feels like therapy. I like to visit these places alone to not have to worry about anyone when getting lost in pieces. So on the 7th day seeing the documentary was a little reminder for me how much I appreciate art and how culture can be such a great tool for self-care.

Conclusion: I loved it.

7 days went by so fast! I genuinely liked trying out the self-care cards from HandsDownandRelax. I was constantly reminded about the importance of making self-care a priority. I think these cards are a great tool to help you and get inspiration for small or big things you can do for self-care. After my seven days I put forward to make it a weekly thing with the whole TCOYS team. From now one we will be picking one card every Sunday and each do (or plan) the activity on the card. A huge thank you to Melissa from HandsDownandRelax for letting TCOYS testing out the self-care cards.

Holiday gift approved for wonderful self-care intentions in 2020!

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