"Listen to your body, mind and intuition"

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Anouk is a creative free spirit that started traveling the globe in 2015 and didn’t stop ever since. Besides her love for travelling she has a beautiful heart wanting to help out others. We met Anouk in Lesvos in Greece when she helped out refugees who got stuck on the island. A free spirit into yoga, dancing and connecting with herself and the world. Learn some self-care tools from this amazing young woman.

Foto: George Qua-Enoo

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?

Actually a lot of things. Being positive might be the most important one. It reduces stress and from good things, more good things will follow! Taking care of myself also means a minimum intake of drugs and alcohol, and to eat well. I limit canned and packed food and eat as fresh as possible. And I don’t eat meat, so I replace this with things like seeds and nuts which is both super healthy for you! Sleeping enough is also something that is important for me.

What do you do when you feel the need to take care of yourself?

I meditate more than I usually do. When I feel I’m getting sick I chop garlic very fine and swallow like it’s a pill. Three days in a row and I’m back to healthy! I also drink more tea with lemon and ginger, yummm.

Was there a specific moment when you felt self-care is very important?

Actually every time something bad happen, like an accident or getting very sick. Once I got the vin of my surfboard against my head, almost in my eye. These moments are signs for me: listen to your body, mind and intuition. Learn from these moments and move on with new knowledge, a smile on your face and a straight back. This took me where I am today.

What is your TCOYS tip to other people?

Put yourself FIRST. This might sound egoistic and it doesn’t count in every situation, but remember: you can’t give love to others if you don’t love yourself. Once this is right, you can start sharing your love and happiness with the rest of the world which makes you even more happy! It might sound too easy, but it is not when you’ll put your mind to it. See things from the sunny side! What you give is what you get. Give happy vibes and invite them back to you with open arms!

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