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support for your employees during unpredictable times

Pictures: Rachel Ecclestone

Preventative support has always been important, in uncertain times like nowadays it is even more important. We are creating an online course were people get and give support. We have tools and exercises to face current challenges and lower stress levels. Keep your employees (mentally) healthy by offering access to our online membership.

With the Corona threat we have to face many challenges. The global energy of fear impacts us all and social distancing can bring up difficult feelings of isolation, disconnection, loneliness and rejection. The media and government mainly focus on physical symptoms of being sick but what about mental symptoms of not doing well? As an employer it is very difficult to recognize mental health problems when people work from home.

"We need to distance ourselves from the global feeling of anxiety and process our own worries and feelings. 

We need to strengthen our immune system in order to lower our stress levels."

The online program is divided into four subjects and will give insights, tools and an answer to below questions: 

How to accept things you cannot control?

How to deal with being home (alone) 24/7?

How to cope with worry, stress and anxiety?

How to stay physically, emotionally and energetically healthy?

The online course is an Instagram course with different videos, exercises and meditations. The membership is open to anybody, which means it's a growing community. 

We are looking forward to take care of you!

Support your employees with their mental health

Tools to deal with worry, stress and anxiety

Online community to support each other

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