4 week course for trainees

Work and life in balance

Q&A + Community talk

Practicing tools

Week 1: 

This in-company two-hour workshop explores what a work-life in harmony looks like and how to achieve that. Subjects discussed are focus, the importance of rest, energy-management and how to deal with stress.  Trainees will take part in interactive assignments and activities.

Week 2: 

All participants receive a recap of the workshop and the TCOYS-in balance toolkit (by e-mail). Now they have all information needed to start a work - life in harmony.

Week 3: 

One-hour online Q&A with the opening of the online community where participants have a safe space to talk about their struggles.

Week 4: 

Live session with already shared and new tools and closing of most important lessons learned.

Pictures: Rachel Ecclestone

Objective and outcome

⦁ Participants will learn about the importance of work-life in harmony.
⦁ Participants will learn the impact of thoughts in creating work-life harmony.
⦁ Participants will learn how to work full-focus and the benefits from that.

• How to (guilt-free) enjoy all the good stuff in life.


“Learning how to keep work and life in harmony at the beginning of your career will set the tone for the future.”

We are looking forward to take care of you!

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