Take Care of Your Selfie guides companies and their employees in improving well-being and happiness at the office. Happy employees are more productive and creative. They also show a lower number in stresssick-leave and burn-out. Happy people are a positive inspiration to their whole environment. 


The well-being and happiness journey goes both ways: bottum-up and top-down. You, the employer, gives space, time and trust. Your employees use that space, time and trust to take accountability for their health and happiness (at work), and therefor lower their stress level.

We guide employers through these processes with different programs and coaching for employees and management. Together we are able to win the battle against stress and burn-out.

Ready for the journey?

Every company is unique, we advise you based on your questions and needs. 


Who is behind this? 

She is called Anouk, a millenial with huge ambitions. Her previous ambition brought her a burn-out. Her current ambition on the other hand prevents stress, burn-outs and other mental dis-ease. Her personal story combined with knowledge and experience from working 1-on-1 with millenials, makes her approach authentic, real and effective. 


Anouk is a firm believer of self-care as this magic saved her life. By taking good care of yourself you get to know yourself: your boundaries, your qualities and your purpose. You become confident, authentic and creative. You are able to let go of limiting believes and expectations that cause stress or even a burn-out. When you have a great relationship with yourself, you can build on great relationships with others' too. 

We are an Amsterdam based company, providing the online services worldwide.   

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Take Care of Your Selfie

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