1-on-1 coaching

support your employees with what they need

Pictures: Rachel Ecclestone

We offer 1-on-1 coaching from a pool of (the best) coaches. Support your employees with what they need, give them an opportunity to talk about anything that blocks them. Free your employees from anything that blocks them to excel in their work. Free time for HR and Management.

We have a lot to give and therefore we need your commitment:

In order to build a proper relationship with mentees the contract duration is for a minimum of six months.



The mentor sessions are currently given by TCOYS founder Anouk Schaap. 

We are looking forward to take care of you!

Leave your details below and we contact you within 24 hours. Or e-mail directly to: info@takecareofyourselfie.nl  

Supporting your employees with their mental health

Online and offline options 

(offer this to your employees from all over the world)

At a neutral, inspiring and safe location

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